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Please list the name of the parent, guardian or representative, if applicable. Describe the relationship to the patient. List address and contact information, if different.
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Information about a doctor or health care provider
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If this is the first time your office is filing a complaint on behalf of a consumer, or if your information has changed, please fill out ALL of the fields below. If you have previously filed complaints with this office, please fill out the fields that are red.
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If the complaint involves a delay in medical treatment could result in loss of life, serious impairment to a bodily function, serious dysfunction of a bodily organ, or the member remaining seriously mentally ill with symptoms that cause the member to be in danger to self or others, please describe the medical treatment and the consequences of a delay:

NOTE: After you select the Submit button, you will not be able to change any of your information. Please scroll back through the form now to verify your information. Once this form is complete select the Submit button.
Authorization for the Release of Medical Information to the Health Education and Advocacy Unit

In the course of handling the complaint, it is often necessary for our office to obtain medical or insurance claim records and to discuss your patient's medical information with providers, the insurance plan, and other state agencies. If you have a copy of the signed form for your patient, please include it when you mail the copy of the confirmation page. Otherwise, the Health Education and Advocacy Unit will have to contact the patient for this authorization before we can proceed.

Depending upon the nature of the complaint, we may not be able to begin our efforts until the Authorization for the Release of Medical Information to the Health Education and Advocacy Unit has been received.

Please mail:
1) a copy of your confirmation page,
2) a copy of the claim form your office submitted to the health insurance carrier, and
3) a signed medical authorization form (if on file.)

Mail to:
Office of the Attorney General
Health Education and Advocacy Unit
200 St. Paul Place, 16th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202

If you have any questions, please contact our office at:
(410) 528-1840 telephone
Toll-free in Maryland: 1-877-261-8807
(410) 576-6571 facsimile
If you are unable to print a confirmation page, please mail a copy of your supporting documents along with the following information:
Patient Name
Name of Person Filing the Complaint
Date You Filed This Complaint by Internet
Reference Number

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If you experience a problem while trying to submit your complaint, you may contact our office at 410-528-1840, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or send an e-mail describing the problem to: You will receive a response during regular business hours.