New Home Complaint and Guaranty Fund Claim Submission Form

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Please capitalize the first letter of the consumer's name and address and the business's name and address.
Please complete the following information about the consumer involved in this dispute.

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Information About The Transaction Involved In This Dispute

My home: was purchased together with the land from the builder/developer (new or tract housing)

was built on land I already owned (custom home)

is a condominium unit

is a cooperative housing unit
My home was: (Choose One)
Stick-build (contructed on site from raw building materials)

Factory-built (constructed of prefabricated materials assembled on site; modular home or mobile home
If "factory-built", please list the name of the manufacturer, the manufacturer's address and telephone number:
*Date Contract Signed:
Settlement Date:
Amount of Claim:
Occupancy Date:
Explanation, if not owner occupied

Subject(s) in dispute. Please provide a description of the dispute for each subject area that applies to you. Leave space blank for subjects that are not in dispute.

The deposit you paid:
Misrepresentations made in advertisements, sales literature, signs, contracts or by the builder's sales people:
Lien(s) placed on your home by subcontractor(s) hired by your builder:

Construction Defects. Please describe the each problem that you have encountered with the construction of your home, such as the foundation, roofing, electrical, plumbing. Please include whether you have notified the builder of the problem, the date on which you notified the builder, a description of the builder's response and the current status of the dispute. If you have contacted another party to correct or obtain a quote for the correction of any of the defects you describe, please list the price you paid or the amount quoted in your description of the defect.

Date written notice of defect or other claim loss was sent to builder:
Has builder been provided reasonable access to the property, during regular business hours, to inspect and correct the alleged defect or other claim of loss?Yes No (If no, please explain)
Homeowner Warranty Plan?: noyes
Homeowners Warranty Plan Info:
Date of Claim filed with HW Plan:
Warranty Plan response:

Has your claim been the subject of an arbitration proceeding? noyes
If yes, please describe, including current status. Please attach copies of any arbitration award and orders of satisfaction.
Has a lawsuit been filed or an attorney contacted in this matter? noyes
If yes, please describe, including court where filed, case number, and current status. Please attach copies of any judgments and orders of satisfaction.

Please describe how you would like the dispute resolved:

Please attach copies (not originals) of each of the following documents concerning your complaint, if any, including:

  • Any and all contracts of sale, including all addenda and any change orders
  • Copy of any claim submitted to the home warranty security plan, including all documents submitted by any party to this claim, evidence of any recoveries as a result of this claim, and claim denial
  • Materials/specifications list
  • Draw schedules
  • Punch Lists
  • Lien Waivers
  • Engineering, inspection or other expert reports
  • Ads or sales literature that describe your home’s features
  • Written notice of defect sent to the builder
  • Documentation of attempts to permit builder access to the property to inspect and repair the damage
  • Photographs, videotapes, diagrams, correspondence, etc.
  • Any other evidence in support of your claim
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Please note, this office cannot represent you or provide legal advice. If you have an attorney, you should continue to follow his/her guidance. If you do not have an attorney, you may wish to consult one for advice on pursuing this matter.

*Signature Under Oath: I, , hereby affirm under the penalties of perjury, that I wish to seek recovery for this loss from the Home Builder Guaranty Fund.

Instructions for Completing your Complaint:
1. Review the information you have provided above and make any needed corrections.
2. Click the Submit button below.
3. Print two copies of the Confirmation page.
4. Mail a copy of the Confirmation page (all pages please) along with any supporting documents.
Please remember that it is important for us to have copies of all relevant documents to properly handle your complaint. If you have any documents that support this complaint (such as contracts, deposit disclosures, advertisments, sales literature, lien wavers, warranties, materials/specification lists, draw schedules, punch lists, inspection reports), please mail a copy of those documents (no originals) along with a copy of your Confirmation form (all pages please) to the Consumer Protection Division. Once your documents are received, we will proceed with processing your complaint.
If you experience a problem while trying to submit your complaint, you may contact our office at 410-528-8662, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. or send an e-mail describing the problem to: You will receive a response during regular business hours.